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Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to problems or information about our range of Apps on iTunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I keep seeing the warning message "The connection has failed. This could be due to the signal strength at your current location. Please try again shortly". How can I view the App when this message displays?
A: If your iPhone is on a low signal strength (1 or 2 bars) or slow connection speed ('E' or 'O') it is possible the App will be unable to load. Please ensure you are not near anything that may interfere with your connection (metal, tunnel) and try finding a close location that has better signal strength (3+ bars) or faster connection (3G, Wi-Fi). If the problem consists, please try restarting your phone. The memory on an iPhone can build up causing App's to crash on start up.

Q: I have an app that has the MatchDayLive feature but the scores are not updating?
A: Please tap the "Update" button on the top right of the app to refresh the page.

Q: I have a strong signal strength and fast connection but the App will not load?
A: Please try restarting your iPhone/iPod Touch. The memory on an iPhone/Touch can build up causing App's to crash on start up.

Q: How can I contact someone if I have a request for a feature or have found a bug in a current app?
A: Please complete the form below or email iphone@sotic.co.uk with your comments. All comments are very welcome!

Q: I am interested in having a mobile application developed and would like some more information. who do I contact?
A: Contact Leo Mindel on +44 (0) 20 7691 2451 or email leo.mindel@sotic.net


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