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Email is the backbone of any digital marketing campaign. It's cost-effective and enables you to reach people who have actually given you permission to communicate with them and who are therefore more likely to pay attention to your messages and calls-to-action. You can send messages according to your schedule and it allows consumers to respond at their leisure.

In MatchDayMail, Sotic offer one of the most advanced and intuitive bulk e-mail solutions currently available on the market. Our dedicated servers send over 4 million e-mails per month and at peak times can process more than 150,000 per hour. We have worked closely with the leading ISPs and use the latest signing technology to ensure maximum deliverability.

Sotic understand the varying requirements of our clients - from press officers who need to quickly distribute an urgent press release, to marketing managers wishing to carry out deep segmentation on their data and as a result MatchDayMail caters to both.

MatchDayMail is incredibly easy to use. Creating mailing lists, managing subscribers, importing data and storing it against each subscriber is simple and when it comes to sending a mailing, it's simply a case of selecting one of the templates, designed by Sotic, adding your content and specifying the date and time that it should be sent. Personalised e-mails can be achieved by inserting any of the custom fields stored against each subscriber, or by showing different content depending on the values of those fields.

We place a high importance on having clean and structured data to facilitate effective marketing and MatchDayMail can accept data feeds from any source and in any structured format, combining them to produce a centralised and content rich database and includes a variety of segmentation options that give you the power to select and market to a subset of your subscribers based on any combination of fields.

In addition to segmentation, there are many other advanced features that can transform your e-mail marketing practices. For example, A-B testing allows you to send different mailings to a small percentage of your database before comparing the response and sending the most effective to the remainder. With MatchDayMail you can also set-up actions based on a subscriber's response (such as opening the e-mail or clicking on a link), send autoresponders or build up new mailing lists of customers interested in a certain area.

MatchDayMail ensures that your mailing meets all of the necessary compliancy standards so that it displays correctly across all e-mail browsers. Once your mailing has started sending you can monitor progress and view live reporting of reads, click-throughs, bounces, forwards and unsubscribes.

In summary MatchDayMail provides a wealth of different marketing options, facilitating effective communication that will ultimately drive up website traffic, increase sales, and promote a consistent and professional brand to customers.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the Sotic Marketing team on +44 (0)207 691 2450 or email

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