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Matchday Live Blog

Draw audiences to your website for discussion, increase dwell time, exploit new revenues streams

To provide a single point of focus during live events, MatchDay Live Blog allows editors to quickly and seamlessly deliver video and images directly from multiple providers, interact with your fan base and bring event action to life through the use of video clips, bespoke copy and user generated content.

Enhanced interaction allows fans to participate in real-time polls, discussion and social sharing as the event is happening; your own in-house, or partner adverts from Google Ad Manager and specific CTA cards around given milestones can also be displayed.

Critically the blog allows you to create the voice and shape the narrative to and from your audience; is a way to carry out unobtrusive data capture and opens up an immediate monetisation opportunity.

With MatchDay Live Blog you can:

  • Post direct from social channels, harnessing the value of user generated content
  • Increase SEO visibility via the increased dwell time driven by blog engagement
  • Increase sponsor exposure or generate revenues by injecting ads into your liveblog stream
  • Support content in 17 languages
  • Post images and video directly from mobile – perfect for realtime reporting



Get in touch with Sotic today to see how audience interaction can drive deeper engagement and increased dwell time.

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