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MatchDay Mail

Increase engagement, drive traffic. Make every campaign you send feel personal.

Sotic partners with Active Campaign to provide our clients with a mailing platform suitable for press releases, fan communication and CRM integration. Simple to use and with a wealth of marketing options including segmentation, split-testing, autoresponders and date-based mailings, MatchDay Mail is designed to improve communication and ultimately, drive website traffic, increase sales, and promote a consistent and professional brand to customers.

MatchDay Mail will enable you to create marketing workflows as well as automated follow-up
sequences, while the reporting function allows you to track the behaviour of multiple marketing
channels, giving you access to a full breakdown of interactions.

With our experience in sport we can assist you to improve open rates and click-throughs and will provide you with the tools to track and analyse campaigns for reach and success.

MatchDay Mail is used by World Rugby and Premiership Rugby.

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